Current  Lab 

Associate Professor

Claudia Damiano

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Focus: Scene Perception, Visual Aesthetics

Gaeun Son

PhD Student

Research Focus: Scene Perception, Generative Adversarial Networks

Seohee Han

PhD Student

Research Focus: Mid-level Vision, Memorability 

Athanasios Bourganos

PhD Student

Research Focus: Canonical perspective, 3D object perception, Mid-level Vision

Mei Yang

Undergraduate Student

Research Focus: Visual Aesthetics, Decision-making

Doga Pulat

Undergraduate Student

Research Focus: Visual Aesthetics, Colour Perception

Lab Pictures

Lab Alumni 

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Morteza Rezanejad (2020-2023); now at Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Dr. John Wilder (2015-2021); now at Vivid Vision and Northeastern University Vancouver

Dr. Heeyoung Choo  (2012-2017); now at Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Korea

Former Graduate Students

Dela Farzanfar; now a PhD student at the Farb Lab, University of Toronto

Dr. Charlotte Leferink (PhD 2023)

Dr. Yaelan Jung (PhD 2019); now Postdoc at Emory University

Dr. Claudia Damiano (MA 2015, PhD 2019); now back in the lab as a Postdoc

Ben Hyun Park (MA 2020); now Software Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices

Dr. Daniel Berman (PhD 2018)

Dandan Shen (M Sc. 2012; now UX Designer, Verily Life Sciences)

Former Undergraduate Students

Huiqin Chen (now a PhD student at The University of Chicago)

Mariam Patsakos (now a student at University of Toronto Law School)

Dr. Thomas O'Connell (now postdoc at MIT)

Ann Sheng (now medical resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital)

Elizabeth Yue Zhou (now PhD student at Rutgers University)

Sabrina Perfetto, studying to be a naturopathic doctor 

Lauren Cao, student of law at the University of Toronto